Dr. Anikó Ambrus

Our goal/purpose/objective is that our patients get high quality general practitioner treatment in the least amount of time, and the most comfortable way. Our practice is an educational place accredited by the Semmelweis University, this is the reason why in our doctor’s office takes place fourth year medical student’s 2-week course and resident’s training before their specialist exam. For this reason, you maybe see young colleagues in our doctor’s office who is observing our work or even have consulting-hours. We always observe their work.

  • Human beings are vulnerable. The sick people are hundred times more sensitive/so!
  • Do not whisper, joke or be mysterious in the presence of patient. Show serious interest, understanding, and helpfulness. The doctor should radiate optimism but should not be jolly and kidding!
  • There is not greater impoliteness than to take advantage from the difficult situation of the patient!
  • Do not look at your watch when you consult a patient!
  • Before you reject somebody, remember that you might be in similar trouble!
  • The patient is right as he/she is in a miserable situation!
  • The doctor may have own problems, but the patient should not feel it!
  • The pureness of our thoughts is also part of our good appearances!
  • If you would like to cry at the patient's bed, then be your voice firmer, calmer and more convincing!
  • You are accountable to your conscience in every hour!
  • The suffering patients are in need of not just a doctor, but a healer. We know that we are real healers in this isolated and fearsome world, when we treat patients equally  and do not act superior to them.

My objective in medical attendance is to provide the best quality of life according to the highest professional standards. In my opinion, the most important is the regular screening, the tracing of the risk factors of health diseases, the prevention of illnesses, and the professional treatment of the patients. In the healing process I seek to gain trust and preserve trust, to communicate in an honest, opened way and make a partnership.

I earned my medical doctor diploma in the Faculty of Medicine at Semmelweis University in 1995. In 2000 I took a specialised doctor exam and passed with flying colours in the Family Doctor Faculty. I take part in the teaching program on the faculty from the beginning. Nowadays I teach in graduate as well as in postgraduate programs and in medical specialist programs. In 2008, I finished with outstanding results the VIKOTE Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Consultant training/qualification. In 2013, I earned occupational health (company doctor) medical specialist qualification. In 2017, I completed Mindfulness and Autogenic trainer course. Since 2015 I take/undertake juridical/ legal consultancy from private or juridical mandate. In my specialised medical work, I use my medical and psychological knowledge, as well as experiences from my trainings/courses that I took.

PHONE: +36 20 999 3860
EMAIL: ambrus.aniko@drambrus.hu